short nails don't care

So, I’ve got that period of time when I was obsessed with my long nails and how pretty and classic they are, but then, the breakage started, one finger after the other until they were a total of four out ten broken! I took the decision and decided to cut them all, short, like really short. And I did it! It felt like my fingers now are naked or something like that, but ehh, I think I am falling in love with them!

Even though I used to clean and file my nails twice a week, when I cut them, there was a thin layer of dirt close to the nail base, which disgusting! And let’s face it, yellow/dark nails can be a turn off.

Better For Future
Staying a long time without trimming nails every once in a while is the worst thing you can do to your nails; because it’s just like hair, needs to get cut every now and then.

Great Access!
Have you ever struggled with typing on your phone or keyboard, or even couldn’t catch the small things? Yep, that’s a disadvantage I got rid of now.

Shut That Nightmare
You always worry when you got to open a can, or got afraid of the split ends of your nails while having a shower, or even folding the clothes like what happened with me? No offense, I’ve always worried about breaking one of my masterpieces.

Get Off The Lane!
Long nails are the trend of all the time, but why not trying to create your own trend instead of having the same nails as 101 girls in your school, inspire yourself and others!

 Do you prefer long or short nails? Explain, why? Share in the comments section below!

salon perfect shocked

I hope all of you had a great week! We are few days away from July and I just can’t believe that we are six months away from celebrating Christmas, again. I personally can’t wait for the holiday season to arrive, because I’m planning to visit my family in Virginia. I miss them so much! This week has been more of a laid back week. I took couple days off from work to deal with my tooth that was extracted on Friday of last week. I was able to relax and have some “Me Time”. Angelika finished her saxophone lessons. She enjoyed learning how to play a new instrument. It will definitely benefit her in high school.

Today, I’m reviewing Salon Perfect Shocked!

For those who are unaware, Salon Perfect is a division of AII (makers of China Glaze) and their polishes are sold exclusively at Walmart.

On a trip to my local Walmart store this week, I came across an enormous cardboard display the size of a SmartCar full of Salon Perfect polishes. I had never purchased this brand before, so decided to go outside my comfort zone of Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, Deborah Lippmann, etc…and give it a try. I’m also not into multi-color, glittery nail polishes, so I was really pushing it.

The nail color that stood out the most, was “Shocked”. It’s a mix of blue and pink matte glitters; heavy on the pink. The color reminds me of a strawberry flavor ice cream with blue sprinkles on top. It’s very girly and playful.

The formula of this nail polish is tricky. It’s very consistent, a little thick, so while painting my nails I had to shake the bottle few times to thin it out. I was able to use thinner coats and only did a little dabbing here and there to fill in bare spots. Dry time was less then 10 min, which was amazing. Two coats of Salon Perfect Shocked nail polish, plus a top coat were applied in the photo above.

salon perfect shocked nail color

Unfortunately, by not using a thicker top coat, it lasted for two days with significant chipping. After doubling up on a good thicker top coat the second time, it lasted for about five days. So make sure, if you’ll decide to try this nail polish to double up on a good thicker top coat.

If you like teeny tiny matte, neon glitters, then you’ll probably love these. For me, I think I’ll add this to my oldest daughter’s nail polish collection. She’ll enjoy using it more then I will. They do require a bit of work if you’re a stickler for a super smooth, shiny finish, but I think they’re worth it. For under $4 a bottle, I think they’re a fun choice for summertime if you’re looking for something outside of the norm when it comes to drugstore nail polish.

Have you tried any of Salon Perfect nail polishes? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section below!

essie play date

Another week has passed and another month is almost coming to an end. I hope all of you had a great week! This week has been dragging at work. Weird, because it’s definitely has been busier then last week now that everybody is back from their vacation. Friday, I took a day off to go to an oral surgeon to extract my tooth that was infected. I was terrified, but had my lovely husband there by my side to support me. After all, it wasn’t bad at all. Surgeon and his staff did an amazing job. Angelika is taking saxophone lessons this week. She loves it! Now, she knows how to play on three instruments: guitar, clarinet and saxophone. I’m very proud of her!!!

Today, I’m reviewing Essie Play Date!

Essie Play Date nail polish is 2014’s Most Shared shade on Twitter. It’s a soft lavender that is slightly electrified. It’s very soft and flirty and I think it’s a perfect alternative to the conventional pinks and reds this season.

I am a huge fan of Essie nail polish and always get complements on my nails. Play Date has been a fan favorite among all of my friends. It’s definitely one of my favorite shades from Essie’s Go Overboard collection! Purple nail polish in general is probably my favorite color to wear. It’s is a gorgeous bright pastel purple, unique because it’s a pastel but their is a almost neon factor to it.

Essie has the cutest bottles, square glass embossed with “essie” on 2 sides. They have a white plastic cap, on the shorter side, with a medium-length stem. The brush is petite, thin and flexible. I like Essie’s brush because it makes it easier for me to control & position the polish just where I want it. Play Date’s formula was average, not streaky, and has a bit of that squishy jelly-creme quality that I have come to expect from Essie. It wasn’t super-pigmented but it applied nicely in two thin coats and dried pretty shiny.

One of my favorite things about Essie brand is that it dries pretty quickly. This particular color is thicker than the others, and starts to set FAST. I recommend making sure you have enough on the brush to coat the nail entirely on the first pass. Let it sit a couple minutes before the second coat. If you go back for more without waiting for it to dry a bit, you’re going to gum up the first coat. As long as you work fast with it though, it’s a really pretty purple.

essie play date nails

I have been wearing the Essie Play Date nail polish for 8 days and the color is still very vibrant and shiny. I have not experienced any chipping or peeling or lifting.

I really like this shade. It’s a little bolder than a lot of the lavender shades around so you have that extra pop. Another amazing nail polish for summertime.

 Have you tried Essie’s Play Date? Is there a purple polish that you think is perfect for summer? Share in the comments section below!

nicole by opi let's corral it a night

I hope all of you had a great week! I survived another busy week at work. Couple of our doctors were out on vacation and so was my office coordinator. It was slower pace patient wise, but busier for me, since I had to take over some of my coordinator’s duties to make sure that the office was running smooth. My oldest daughter, Angelika was involved a lot with church this week, which I think is an incredible thing. My youngest daughter, Annabella started camp this week. It has been a fun week for her so far, swimming in the pool, playing games and making new friends.

Today, I’m reviewing Nicole by OPI Let’s Corral It A Night!

This is the first coral shade nail polish I’ve tried and instantly it became one of my favorites. It’s a fiery nail polish that sometimes looks pink and other times looks orange. It’s actually a bright coral that can lean both ways like a nail-polish contortionist! This is a loud shade, and I feel like it would flatter a wide variety of skin tones from the fairest to the richest.

It’s bright, but not like a neon that seems to almost glow in the dark. This could almost get there. It’s on the verge of breaking out. I think it could be a good neon-gateway polish!


The color “Let’s Corral It A Night” nail polish reminds me of a watermelon. It’s the most delicious and one of my favorite fruits to eat in the summer. I would like to try a design to make my nails look like watermelon. This color will be perfect to use as a base coat. It pops so much on the nail, yet in the bottle, you might not even bat an eye over the shade. It’s one of those colors that you must try because it really has that “vacation vibe”.

This is an example of what Nicole by OPI is known for: smooth, easy-to-paint-with formulas. It glides onto your nails without a hitch for an application that’s so dreamy, the only way it could get better was if the polish applied itself as you watched TV and ate a big bowl of delicious ice cream (watermelon flavor of course!).


The consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin – it was Goldilocks’ “just right”! I think that it’s a great polish for beginner nailphiles to use because it applies so easily and will help them build up their confidence before tackling tricky formulas that require more concentration. I used two coats + the top coat for the photos above.

Let’s Corral It A Night is, without a doubt, my new favorite coral shade nail polish! I didn’t just like it, but I absolutely loved wearing it!

 Which coral shade nail polish is your favorite this summer? Share in the comments section below!

sephora by opi ocean love potion

I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was busy, as always. Kids are finally on summer break, which is nice. My oldest daughter, graduated Middle School and off to High School after the break. She finished school as a Honor Student and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is one smart cookie. My youngest girl finished 1st grade and off to the 2nd grade after the break. She is done so well this year. Next week she is starting summer camp, which should be very exciting for her. They have lots of great activities planned out for the children. It’s going to be a fun summer!

Today, I’m reviewing Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion!

It’s a beautiful teal that leans towards the green side of teal. It’s creamy and totally fabulous. With so many teals out there I can see how some of you might not want yet another one, however this is different. Sometimes it looks slightly blue-green in low light, but when placed near blue, pink, or teal items, it is very green.

Sephora by opi ocean love potion review

This nail polish was given to me as a gift from one of my co-workers. When I first saw it, I wasn’t too impressed with the color. I mean, if I was in the store looking to buy a nail polish, I would of definitely skipped it. But let me tell you, once I painted my nails, I fell in love with the color. I love the way it looks on my nails and also goes well with my tan skin.

The color “Ocean Love Potion” nail polish reminds me of tropics, ocean and mermaids. This may very well be my favorite summer nail polish. If you’re into teal/turquoise colors, I can guarantee you’ll love it.
I love the brush, it’s not too wide or thin and the polish just flows perfectly off the tip.

sephora by opi ocean love potion

The color looks best with two coats, and is really rich. Sometimes darker colors have that thin quality but this one doesn’t, two coats and you can’t see any sheerness or lines. Formula and application is amazing, totally creamy and opaque. It’s a muted color so it’s not extremely dark or bright but somewhere in the middle. This polish is bright and colorful without being obnoxious and definitely gives the warm weather vibes.

As you can see, I keep my nails short most of the time (this is because they just start breaking after a certain length) but I think it looks pretty good on a short nail and can look just as good on long nails.

 Do you wear teal color nail polishes? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments section below!