questions to ask yourself before chopping your hair

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In the beginning of this year I have decided to cut my hair short, shoulder length short. Yes, I did and I’m so happy I did it! I always had my hair long as long as I can remember, and I just simply got tired of it. I found myself wearing it in a pony tail or up in one of those donut/top knot-wirey-mesh-things due to the fact that my hair down made me hot and dewy. Plus, I was always afraid to cut it short. I always thought that because I have a round face it would look unattractive, my face will look more fatter and I will hate it. After some thinking, looking through million of photos of women with short hair and similar face shape as mine, I just went for it. I also would like to advise you that I have consulted with my hairdresser before cutting it. I have been her customer for over 3 years now and I most definitely respect and honor her opinion. I’ve seen her work and I know that she is very knowledgeable and most importantly truthful.

You probably take more chances with your hair than I do, which means that you are better with the thinking that ‘hair grows’ and nothing has to be permanent. That being said, not every haircut is a winner and you should ask yourself the questions below before you go any further!

Do You Really Want It?
Sometimes the idea of doing something new and different can be appealing if you’re bored and looking for something to do, which is where the idea of getting a haircut comes in! Make sure you truly want a haircut because as you know, there’s no going back once it’s done! This is especially worth thinking about if you’re a super spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment kind of girl!

Is It Going To Suit You?
Not everyone considers if a certain hair cut will suit them and only realise this after it’s been done and they’re having trouble styling their hair the next morning! It’s true that different haircuts suit various face shapes, so determine which you have and see if it’s a match made in heaven or best to opt for another style instead!

Do You Trust Your Hairdresser?
You may think that if you ask any hairdresser to cut your hair they will all do the same thing, however this isn’t always true. Going to a hairdresser that you know personally or have been going to for a decent amount of time is your safest chance of getting the haircut you want and not ending up with anything else! If you’re thinking of going to someone new who’s never cut your hair, how do you know you can trust them to do a good job and achieve the look you’re after?

Do You Have A Celeb Hair Example?
Another great thing to consider before you get a haircut is finding a celebrity (in a magazine that you can bring it or just a photo on your phone) that has the haircut you’re after. A visual image will help your hairdresser out heaps by showing them exactly what you want, especially if they don’t quite understand when you try explaining it to them!

Do You Want A Change
You should only get a haircut if you really want a change! If you’re undecided or are still considering the idea, wait until you’re 100% sure you want to have it done to save yourself any regret you may have later on. Be certain that this is what you want!

Do You Have A Realistic Expectation?
Some people raise their expectation when it comes to getting a new haircut, thinking it will solve lots of their problems and make their lives way better! While it’s true that you may feel heaps better and more confident with a new haircut, keep a hold of realistic expectations that it may not change much else – you’re still going to be yourself and not your fave celeb!

Are You Comfortable With Haircuts?
This might not cross everyone’s minds but it’s still worth thinking about! If you’ve gotten your hair cut many times before, you’re probably familiar with having shorter hair and the actual process of getting it cut than someone who has never, ever had theirs cut and is considering doing it for the first time. Only get yours cut if you feel totally comfortable!

Did You Consider Your Hair Texture?
Choosing a short hairstyle should be based not only off of your face shape, but your hair texture as well. While thin and straight hair work for cuts, he says, hair with a slight wave or texture can be the best since they require less maintenance. Extremely curly hair, however, tends to behave better longer. It can look good short, but you’re going to need to get the right kind of cut. Consider getting lots of layers and thinning out the hair to make the transition easier to maintain.

So what’s the verdict? Will you be chopping your hair? Share in the comments section on my blog!


how to avoid mistakes when washing your hair

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You might be doing everything right from oiling your hair regularly and using natural hair care ingredients to eating hair-friendly foods, but still you feel that your dreams of showing off those enviable locks is not turning in to a reality. Sounds familiar? Well, if you have already done so much, and you are still not getting the desired results, then it is time to find out about things that you might be doing wrong.

A good ‘do starts under the mist. From the temperature of the water to how long you wash your hair, we break down how to make the most of your time.

Wash When You Want
That old advice that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday? Forget about it. The rule is really quite simple: “Wash your hair whenever you need to,” says Amy Abramite, stylist and creative director of Maxine Salon in Chicago. “If you’re exercising or your scalp is oily, and you need to do so daily, that’s fine. If you can go a few days without, great.” So long as you wash correctly, do what works for you. But while more spaced out sessions are fine, going longer than five days is pushing it, says Abramite. Keep in mind that the seasons can also affect how frequently you need to shampoo. Cold, dry winter air may allow you to get a few more days out of a wash; hot and humid summer days often call for more regular washing.

Skip Shampoo
If you find that you need to wash everyday, try doing so sans shampoo. It may sound counterintuitive, but you can still get a similar refresh with water alone. “This will remove excess grime without stripping or drying out the scalp.” Finish by applying conditioner on the ends, blow-dry, and admire you’re newly refreshed ‘do.

Lather More Then Once
“One wash often isn’t enough to break down all the residue and product build-up, especially if you haven’t washed your hair for a few days,” says Abramite. Think about what you’d do with a muddy t-shirt: “You’d remove the big pieces of dirt and mud before you put it in the washing machine,” says Abramite. Similarly, when you wash your hair twice, the first round gets rid of the superficial gunk, while the second actually cleans it. How do you tell if you need to double up? Not being able to work the shampoo into a rich lather is a telltale sign that you need to rinse and repeat, she says.

Choose Your Temperature
For those on the quest for a deep clean, keep your H2O warm; the heat opens the cuticle, improving the penetration of the shampoo. If your desired effect is a sleek, frizz-free style, turn the water to cool to close the cuticle. Avoid scalding temps at all costs; hot water dries out skin and hair, says Abramite.

Rinse It All Out 
Stand under the spray for 30 seconds to one minute before you even reach for the bottle, Abramite suggests. “You need to give the water enough time to start rinsing out some of the product residue and prep the hair for shampoo.” And while it may seem silly to even say, be sure to completely rinse out shampoo and conditioner. “If your hair is falling flat or you have irritation on your scalp, it’s highly likely that you didn’t wash out all the product in the shower.”

Give Yourself A Massage 
Don’t just slap on shampoo haphazardly. Work it in with your fingertips, in circular motions, starting at the hairline and moving down to the nape of your neck, advises Abramite. Massaging not helps create a thicker lather and makes for a more effective clean, it also stimulates the scalp, making for healthy hair growth in the long run. (Plus, it feels good!)

Pick The Right Product
Not all shampoos are considered equal. Choose one based on the style you want to achieve post-wash. Keep in mind that because volumizing options are lighter and contain fewer moisturizers, they can leave hair a bit tangly. Contrarily, hydrating formulas are rich in oils that will nourish strands, but can also weigh them down. Looking for a gentler option? Sudsers formulated to protect color-treated hair won’t open the cuticle as much, so they’re choice for a more mild cleanse, says Abramite. Try one if you’re shampooing daily.

Spot Treat 
Regardless of the shampoo you use, concentrate it at the roots—the amount that naturally trickles down is enough for the ends. The opposite goes for conditioner, which should be reserved solely for tips. “Your ends contain the oldest and driest hair on your head,” says Abramite. “This is where you need conditioner the most. There’s no need to put it on the roots where it will just make your hair oily.” Work the majority into the very bottom of your hair, slathering on any leftover along the mid-shaft, but no higher.

Do you know of any tricks or tips on how to avoid making mistakes when washing your hair? Please share in the comments section below!



As women we are obsessed with keeping our hair in tip top shape. We do the most to get our hair looking like we’ve just walked out of a salon. Needless to say we spend hours (time we don’t have haha) trying to achieve perfect, smooth hair. Don’t you just wish you could wake up in the morning & not have to spend a tumulus amount of time trying to make that fuzzy mess look half decent? I myself have relatively frizzy hair, it’s quite wavy for the most part but frizzy – which let’s be honest, none of us can stand! Seriously, what’s the point in spending all that time making your hair looking perfect only to have it frizz within 5 minutes? I’ve been a fan of Keratin Smooth Collection for quite some time now and I think I may have found “The One”!

If you would like to read another of my reviews on Keratin Smooth Collection, please click here.

In the past few months I have been trialling the TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection. Since, I’m already a huge fan of other TRESemme products, I’m happy that I decided to give this a try too. This collection delivered everything it promised to do, smooth hair, less frizz, easy styling & salon quality hair.

So how this works is you wash your hair with the TRESemme Keratin Smooth shampoo & conditioner as you normally would with any other brand, after you towel dry your hair apply the Keratin Smooth Heat activated treatment. Then, you blow dry your hair & straighten to activate the treatment. It’s a couple of extra steps, but the results are awesome. I found that straight away my hair was a lot less frizzy, super smooth, shiny & it just looked super luscious! I washed my hair a couple of times without using the treatment again & still, my hair stayed the same, no frizz & super smooth!

Definitely salon quality products. I am really happy with the results & I do plan to continue using the TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Collection! An amazing plus is that these products are super affordable, they can be purchased from any retail store near you. I buy mine at Walmart.

Have you guys used this collection before? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section below!

With so many different hair products and brands on the market today, you be forgiven for being confused about what is actually useful and what is just false advertising. Mixed in with this is the discovery that many of us are buying these expensive products and actually minimizing their effectiveness through improper use. In order to help the health of your hair and to justify the cost, here are ten tips for using your hair products in exactly the right ways.
Using Too Much Moisturizing Lotion 
The main problem with moisturizing lotion is that it’s easy to use too much of the product. Rather than providing a luscious, rich effect, it results in over hydrated, weighed down hair. The perfect amount of the best results is nothing larger than a pea size squeeze rubbed between your palms and applied throughout the head.
Not Enough Spritz 
It is very common for someone to limit spritzing their hair with heat protective serum to only two or three times after a towel dry and during a blow dry, flat iron or curl. It is really important to make sure ALL sections of your hair are covered by the spritz before you apply a high degree of heat to it, EVERY TIME. This will stop it from becoming dry and brittle.
Hair Spray Nozzle Is Too Close 
Holding the nozzle of your hair spray too close to your hair after blow drying it can be really damaging. Applying such a concentrated amount of hair spray to just one spot on your head can lead to becoming crunchy and hard to deal with. The optimum distance at which to spray the product on your hair is roughly twelve inches, allowing for better coverage.
Applying Too Much Shine Enhancer 
Many people make the mistake of applying shine enhancer to every part of their hair after a blow-dry. This is not the recommended way to use the product, with manufacturers instead encouraging you to apply the formula to the ends of your hair only; the reason being that your roots are the healthiest part of your head and already have a natural shine.
Applying Curler Definer Too Late 
Instead of waiting until after the majority of your hair has been dried by the air to apply curl or wave definer, it is actually recommended that you apply the product to your hair as soon as you have washed it. It is the best way to achieve great curls and keep frizz to an absolute minimum.
Only Applying Volumizing Formula To Your Roots 
Many women tend to apply root lifting creams and formulas only, unsurprisingly, to the area encompassing their roots, but in fact the best way to achieve extra volume with these products is to of course apply to the roots but also to comb through the rest of your hair to achieve more structure and body.
Using Conditioning Spray On The Ends Only 
Because many women see their ends as being the driest part of their hair, they focus only on these when it comes to applying conditioning spray. In actual fact, lightweight conditioning spray is great for all areas of the hair, helping the hydrate it and keep overall frizz to a minimum.
Rubbing In Curling Cream Rather Then Twisting
Instead of trying to smooth your frizzy curls by rubbing curling cream in to the top layer of your hair only, it works much better if you take a pea sized amount, rub it in to your palms and work to curl your fingers around your hair so that all areas are given an equal coverage.
Only Using Salt Spray On The Top Layer 
To get the absolute best results from a salt spray product, it is recommended that you work it in to all sections of the hair rather than just focusing on the top layer. Use bobby pins to help you get to each layer of your hair so that you can achieve a maximum coverage.
Using Too Much Mousse/Gel
This is something many people are guilty of – using too much hair wax, mouse or gel to the point where the product makes your hair a rock hard, difficult to work with mess. In most situations only a quarter sized squeeze of product will be able to mould your hair in the style that you wish.

 Did you find out anything you are doing wrong with your hair products? Share in the comments section below!

Do you make the same mistake as many other women when it comes to looking after your hair in the summer? We all remember (at least I hope you do!) to slather on the sunscreen, but do you protect your hair from sun damage? Those UV rays we love so much aren’t good for our hair so it’s good to take steps to keep your hair protected, hydrated and healthy.
Conditioner Can Be Your Hair’s Best Friend 
Comb a restorative conditioner in your hair before you go out in the sun. It is even better to throw your hair into a bun, not only to protect it from harmful UV rays but also to keep your hair hydrated. You can use leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from being damaged by the blazing heat.
Use A Hair Mask Once A Week 
You know how effective a face mask can be to keep your skin hydrated, young, and fresh. You can do the same to protect your hair from harmful sun rays. You can use a high quality hair mask once a week to keep hair hydrated. Apply the mask after a long day in the sun – your hair cuticles will open up due to the heat and be able to absorb the hydrating treatment faster.
Avoid Excessive Shampooing That Strips Your Hair OF Oils 
Your hair produces oil naturally that will dry up in the sun, and more frequent shampoo sessions are only going to make matters worse. It is best to avoid lathering up daily. Use a dry shampoo to avoid grease build up and or a leave in conditioner to keep your hair’s moisture.
There Are Very Effective Styling Products You Can Use 
You can now find some highly effective styling products that help you change your hairstyle effortlessly and protect your hair from the sun as well. Several moisturizing sea salt sprays can create texture without robbing your hair of moisture. Similarly, you can buy a specially designed hair mist that uses sunflower seed oil to keep your hair hydrated while giving you a tousled, carefree look.
Consider The Drastic Measure Of A Shortcut 
The longer your hair is, the more difficult it is to protect it during the summer. The ends of your hair are most likely to take the beating, which may cause issues like dry tips and split ends. A major move would be to have a new style and go short for the season. If you think that’s too drastic, at least consider a trim to remove all the split ends to start the summer with “good” hair.
Add To Your Accessories With Some Cool 
Quite simply the easiest of all ways to protect your hair from the sun is to wear a hat. With so many different styles, you should be able to find some that you love and that suit you. Hats are fun accessories so make them part of your summer wardrobe.
Drink Plenty Of Fluids To Keep Your Body And Hair Hydrated
Okay, so you use a restorative conditioner, apply quality styling products, have trimmed off the split ends and wear a hat. What else, you may ask? It’s all about keeping your hair moisturized and one way to do so is to keep your body hydrated during the summer. Drink plenty of fluids and cooling liquids to make you feel cooler. Also, add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet for healthy hair.

 Summer is fabulous, but it sure does make us work hard to stay beautiful. What do you dislike most about summer beauty? Share in the comments section below!