Questions To Ask Yourself Before Chopping Your Hair

questions to ask yourself before chopping your hair

Hello beauties!

In the beginning of this year I have decided to cut my hair short, shoulder length short. Yes, I did and I’m so happy I did it! I always had my hair long as long as I can remember, and I just simply got tired of it. I found myself wearing it in a pony tail or up in one of those donut/top knot-wirey-mesh-things due to the fact that my hair down made me hot and dewy. Plus, I was always afraid to cut it short. I always thought that because I have a round face it would look unattractive, my face will look more fatter and I will hate it. After some thinking, looking through million of photos of women with short hair and similar face shape as mine, I just went for it. I also would like to advise you that I have consulted with my hairdresser before cutting it. I have been her customer for over 3 years now and I most definitely respect and honor her opinion. I’ve seen her work and I know that she is very knowledgeable and most importantly truthful.

You probably take more chances with your hair than I do, which means that you are better with the thinking that ‘hair grows’ and nothing has to be permanent. That being said, not every haircut is a winner and you should ask yourself the questions below before you go any further!

Do You Really Want It?
Sometimes the idea of doing something new and different can be appealing if you’re bored and looking for something to do, which is where the idea of getting a haircut comes in! Make sure you truly want a haircut because as you know, there’s no going back once it’s done! This is especially worth thinking about if you’re a super spontaneous and spur-of-the-moment kind of girl!

Is It Going To Suit You?
Not everyone considers if a certain hair cut will suit them and only realise this after it’s been done and they’re having trouble styling their hair the next morning! It’s true that different haircuts suit various face shapes, so determine which you have and see if it’s a match made in heaven or best to opt for another style instead!

Do You Trust Your Hairdresser?
You may think that if you ask any hairdresser to cut your hair they will all do the same thing, however this isn’t always true. Going to a hairdresser that you know personally or have been going to for a decent amount of time is your safest chance of getting the haircut you want and not ending up with anything else! If you’re thinking of going to someone new who’s never cut your hair, how do you know you can trust them to do a good job and achieve the look you’re after?

Do You Have A Celeb Hair Example?
Another great thing to consider before you get a haircut is finding a celebrity (in a magazine that you can bring it or just a photo on your phone) that has the haircut you’re after. A visual image will help your hairdresser out heaps by showing them exactly what you want, especially if they don’t quite understand when you try explaining it to them!

Do You Want A Change
You should only get a haircut if you really want a change! If you’re undecided or are still considering the idea, wait until you’re 100% sure you want to have it done to save yourself any regret you may have later on. Be certain that this is what you want!

Do You Have A Realistic Expectation?
Some people raise their expectation when it comes to getting a new haircut, thinking it will solve lots of their problems and make their lives way better! While it’s true that you may feel heaps better and more confident with a new haircut, keep a hold of realistic expectations that it may not change much else – you’re still going to be yourself and not your fave celeb!

Are You Comfortable With Haircuts?
This might not cross everyone’s minds but it’s still worth thinking about! If you’ve gotten your hair cut many times before, you’re probably familiar with having shorter hair and the actual process of getting it cut than someone who has never, ever had theirs cut and is considering doing it for the first time. Only get yours cut if you feel totally comfortable!

Did You Consider Your Hair Texture?
Choosing a short hairstyle should be based not only off of your face shape, but your hair texture as well. While thin and straight hair work for cuts, he says, hair with a slight wave or texture can be the best since they require less maintenance. Extremely curly hair, however, tends to behave better longer. It can look good short, but you’re going to need to get the right kind of cut. Consider getting lots of layers and thinning out the hair to make the transition easier to maintain.

So what’s the verdict? Will you be chopping your hair? Share in the comments section on my blog!


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  1. Samantha P
    August 3, 2016 / 2:01 pm

    Great post. I really liked this because I constantly go back and forth with whether to keep my hair long or cut it short. I’m not big on short hair because I don’t look good with it usually but sometimes I think it would be nice to not spend so much on hair products (long hair=products disappear as as soon as you buy them).

    S .x