Weekly Recap #3 | Things That Made Me Happy

things that made me happy #3

Hello beauties!

I hope all of you having a great weekend so far. “Weekly Recap | Things That Made Me Happy” is another series where I will be sharing all the things that made me happy. My goal is to spread some happiness and gratitude of little or big things that are happening in my life, and encourage others to share their happy/grateful things of the week.

Sometimes all it takes is gentle reminders of things that make us grateful or appreciative. I mean, we live in a world full of senseless violence, poverty, famine, and tragedy – reflecting on the positive, I find, makes me open my eyes a bit more to appreciate the little things…Don’t you agree?

Feel free to share things that made you happy this week. Here are mine ♡

Organizing My Makeup + Washing My Makeup Brushes
My makeup collection is growing and I’m so bad sometimes to get rid of empties. They will be laying at the bottom of my makeup bag, until I finally find time to throw them away. Am I the only one? So, last weekend I finally did it. Finally organized everything! And also cleaned my makeup brushes. OMG…they needed it.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
It’s been years since I have visited Tropical Smoothie. I used to get smoothies from this place all the time, but then time passed and I forgot that the place even exist. It was a perfect treat on a hot Saturday afternoon. They always make it to the perfection. I enjoyed every sip of it!

Putting Together A Puzzle With My Girls
Summer is here and girls have more time on their hands to do fun things. One of them is putting together puzzles. We have so many of them, most of them given to us as a present. This past Saturday, I enjoyed spending quality time with both of them trying to put pieces of the puzzle together. It’s not easy and sometimes it does take days to finish, but we enjoy every bit of it.

Free Starbucks + Free Lunch On Monday
I work in the medical office and once in awhile we have pharmaceutical reps bring us Starbucks. Monday was one of those days. It was a perfect day to indulge ourselves with a perfect, iced coffee. On top of that, my husband suprised me with a free lunch. It was delivered to me by one of the drivers from Joey D’s. A note was attached that said “I love you, enjoy my love!” He definitely made my Monday.

Date Night With My Hubby
My hubby and I had a date night Friday evening. We were definitely overdue for it, and oh boy we needed one. We went out to the local tiki bar right by the water, called “Oleary’s Tiki Bar & Grill”. Very well known here in Sarasota and it’s a great spot to visit on Friday nights. They had a reggae band playing and they were amazing! My husband and I love reggae music, so we definitely enjoyed listening to them. We ordered some food, which was delicious and I had couple of Pina Coladas. We couldn’t ask for a better evening and we hope to do another date night very soon.

What things made you happy this week? Share in the comments section below!