The Beauty Of Double Cleansing | Step By Step Guide

the beauty of double cleansing step by step guide
Hello beauties!

We all know that the foundation of a good skin care routine will always start with a good cleanser but, are you unsure how to properly cleanse? Double cleansing is a little Korean skincare secret that is taking the world by storm. I know you might be wondering how you’ll find time to double wash your face when sometimes getting it done once is more than you can handle. I’m suggesting giving it a try a couple of times and once you see the results, you’ll easily make the time for the double cleanse method. So, what is double cleansing you ask?

Well, it’s simply using two cleansers that work in conjunction and complement one another to take off all makeup, dirt and oils and leave the skin feeling clean and prepped, ready to soak in any eye creams and serums. When the skin isn’t properly cleansed and exfoliated, our serums won’t work to their full potential. This is why no one should skimp on their cleansing rituals!

Are you ready to get started? I’m here to break down the beauty of double cleansing from beginning to end in no time!

Remove Your Makeup 
Your first step to double cleansing is to get rid of all the makeup that’s currently on your face. You can use any kind of makeup remover that works best for you. Whether it’s wipes or a liquid remover, gently wipe off all of the makeup that you have on, including mascara, foundation, eye shadow and blush.

Use An Oil Cleanser 
This type of cleanser if formulated to remove excess skin oil, sunscreen, makeup and environmental toxins from your pores. You don’t need water with your oil cleanser. Simply scoop it into your hand and gently massage it over your entire face, jawline and neck. It should start to emulsify when it’s doing its job.

Rinse The Oil Cleanser Well 
Once you have the emulsified oil cleanser hanging out on your face, use warm water to rinse it off. You want to make sure you remove all the visible residue and you shouldn’t feel like your skin is greasy. Warm water will do a better job of this, but don’t go too hot or you suck the beneficial moisture from your facial skin.

Use A Foaming Cleanser 
This is where the double wash term came about. This type of cleanser is formulated to whisk away sweat and residual product from your face. Gently massage the product in a circular motion all over your face to get the absolute cleanest face possible.

Rinse Again With Warm Water 
Using the same rinsing technique as mentioned above, remove the foaming cleanser from your face using warm water. Make sure you avoid your eye area or you’ll have a stinging set of peepers that will not feel good. Use your hands or a soft washcloth to get the job done.

Repeat Your Double Cleansing Routine Morning And Night 
Double cleansing at night is ideal to remove all makeup and impurities from the day. As for your morning cleanse, double cleansing isn’t really necessary. Well, most the time, unless we slip up and accidentally fall asleep with our makeup on. Hey! It happens to the best of us every once in a while. So in those VERY rare cases that this happens we will have to double cleanse in the morning.

Follow Up Your Cleansing With The Right Moisturizer  
The best time to apply moisturizer is when your skin is damp because it creates the right environment for your product to soak in. Once you complete both steps of the washing process, gently massage in your night or day cream of choice. Choose one that matches your skin type for the best results. Make sure you get the cream all over to ensure that you are getting the most out of each of the ingredients it contains.

Have you ever tried double cleansing? Do you think you’ll give it a whirl now that you know how easy it is? Share in the comments section below!