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Cold weather can be harsh on our skin; there’s very little humidity in the air which means your skin is less nourished, and skin cells are slower to renew themselves which can make our faces look dull and tired.

Having skin treatments done in the winter is ideal. It is the best time for laser procedures since people aren’t exposed to the sun as often; therefore they don’t have sunburned and tanned skin, which is not conducive for laser treatments. Additionally, while some treatments offer immediate results after just one treatment, in many cases a full series of treatments (three or more treatments four to six weeks apart) is required for optimal results.

If you’re looking for a way to pamper your winter skin, check out these cosmetic beauty rejuvenation treatments that will soothe you and make you look as gorgeous as you could ever want to.

Start now and see amazing results by summer!

Sclerotherapy And Laser Vein Removal 
What makes winter the best time to have this treatment done is that it can cause temporary hyperpigmentation, which you’ll definitely want to cover up with your pants or tights. You may also have to wear compression stockings to make the treatment more successful and you won’t want to do that during the warmer months.

Laser Hair Removal Is Great For The Cold Months 
Your natural inclination may be to let your body hair grow out during the cold months, but experts say that fall is a great time to get laser hair removal. That’s because it is better to do the treatment on untanned skin to prevent pigmentation that will make your hair follicles more pronounced come shorts weather next year.

Blue Light Therapy Is Perfect For Repairing Sun Damage And Preventing Skin Cancer 
Also called photodynamic therapy, blue light therapy is approved for repairing sun damage accrued during the hot summer months and may even help to prevent the development of skin cancer where that sun damage has occurred. The treatment involves applying a medication treatment to your skin and allowing it to its magic. You have to stay out of the sun for several weeks, so the winter is an ideal time to have blue light therapy.

Intense Pulsed Light Is A Great Winter Cosmetic Treatment 
Intense pulsed light, also called IPL, is great for many purposes. It’s used to treat visible blood vessels, redness, acne and sun damage. You can get IPL anytime of the year, but most expert dermatologists recommend having it done when it’s colder outside and when the sun isn’t so intense because you’ll need sun protection as you recover from IPL.

Get A Chemical Peer To Even Things Out And Erase Summertime Skin Damage 
After your days of lounging on the beach and getting a tan are done for the year, it’s time to repair some of the damage and give your skin new life. A chemical peel is the perfect answer. Again, a chemical peel will make your skin more sensitive so you want to get one done when you can protect from sun damage and keep your skin covered with makeup.

A CO2 Laser Is Perfect For Resurfacing  
If you just want to give your skin a fresh new look by minimizing lines, wrinkles and spots, a CO2 laser is a great choice. When it’s done you’ll have a smooth face that will look wonderful and feel even better. Like Fraxel, this treatment leaves your skin very sensitive to the sun so you want to have it done during the cold months when you don’t spend as much time outside.

Fraxel Will Help With All Sorts Of Things
Never heard of Fraxel? This treatment can help minimize the appearance of fine lines, age spots, acne scarring and sun spots. It’s best to get this done in the winter because after you have it done, your skin will be much more sensitive to sunlight and you could notice the spots coming back right away. Fraxel is great for many things and winter is the perfect time to make your appointment.

Have you ever had any of these treatments? What else do you do to pamper your skin in the winter? Share in the comments section below!