Summer Tips For Glowing Skin

summer tips for glowing skin

The most common problem I see in skin during summertime is dehydration. Even oily skin types, like mine can become dehydrated, since the problem is a lack of water moisture, not oil.

When the summer sun has started to coax out the skin-baring dresses, skirts, and tank tops, finding respite at a nearby body of water becomes the weekend goal.

Dehydration is one of the leading factors in premature aging.

When your skin cells don’t have adequate moisture content, the texture and appearance of your skin suffers. You will notice more fine lines, your face will feel tight, and the skin’s function of providing a barrier is compromised.

When you are outside in the sun all day sweating, you lose valuable hydration. This is then compounded by going inside to cool off in the air conditioning, which strips the moisture right out of your skin, especially if you are driving in the car and the AC is blowing directly onto your face.

Factors that strip your face of necessary moisture:

– Using cleansers and astringents that are too harsh for the skin

– Exfoliating too often

– Using inadequate moisturizers

– Taking hot showers

– Diet

– Certain medications and illnesses


If your skin is looking and feeling dehydrated, or to prevent moisture loss, try these cleansing tips:

Don’t over wash.

With the heat of Summer often brings the desire to get your skin “squeaky” clean in order to feel refreshed. Resist the urge!!!

Harsh chemicals, including sodium lauryl sulfate, break down your skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

Using natural and organic products free of those chemicals will keep your skin happy and hydrated.

Use a gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser with lukewarm water.

Follow with a mild toner that is PH balanced.

When needed, exfoliate gently, either only using a washcloth, or with a mild AHA exfoliant. Avoid harsh scrubs.

Select moisturizers that are creams and contain Natural Moisturizing Factors such as amino acids, glucose and electrolytes. Hyaluronic acid is another go-to ingredient for binding moisture. Stay away from lightweight lotions – they have a high water content, causing further moisture evaporation from the skin.

Apply your sunscreen in the morning, and throughout the day. It should be a priority in your skincare routine!!!

The key objective is to keep your natural hydro-lipid film intact, which is your skin’s natural protective layer. It will help retain the moisture in your skin.


In addition to treating dehydration on the surface with proper cleansing and moisturizing, you need to shift what you eat and simple things in your daily life to have the best looking skin possible.

Drink plenty of water! Water should be at room temperature and consumed in between meals. Your body is better able to absorb water that is not ice cold.

Skip the caffeine and alcohol! They remove water from your body.

Limit your intake of table salt! This leads to further dehydration of the cell moisture, not to mention bloating, which never goes well with your new bikini.

Get your fish oil in! Taking a daily dosage of fish oil will provide numerous health benefits. Some of them being that it will help hold the moisture in your skin cells and it may also help protect against sun damage.

While blow drying your hair, aim it away from your face and reduce the temperature!

Limit direct exposure to air conditioning! This also means that you should not sleep with your AC blasting on you all night. Instead, set timers for your units and alternate with regular fans.

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What new habits will you start for your skin this summer? Share in the comments section below!