perfect post-shower skin routine

You wouldn’t think that getting out of the shower would require much thought at all, right? Get out, dry off and get dressed. Simple. Not so fast! Skincare experts agree that there are wrong and right things to be doing when you step out of the spray. Making mistakes can cost you the healthiest, most gorgeous skin imaginable. Here’s what you should be doing so that you can reap the rewards of young, fresh skin all over your body, no matter your age.

best post-shower skin routine

Finish Your Shower With Warm Water, Not Hot Water
Why? Because super hot water sucks all the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it dry and parched. That means flakes, itching and tightness that I know you don’t want to deal with. Finish that shower with lukewarm water and the problem is easily solved. I know that a hot shower feels really wonderful, but you’ll love the results of turning down the temp so much that you’ll never go back.

Pat Your Skin Dry, Never Rub It Dry
It sure feels good to rub your skin with a soft towel, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t be doing it though say skincare experts. Instead, you should be using your towel to pat your skin dry. Rubbing it too rough on the skin, especially delicate parts, and can leave you with irritated or damaged areas. Gently pat your skin dry and you can keep your entire body looking and feeling glorious.

Apply Moisturizer All Over Your Body Right Away
Damp skin is better at locking in moisture than dry skin so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of applying your creams and lotions immediately after patting your skin dry. That little bit of remaining water is sealed in with the moisturizer, helping to pump up the hydration to your entire body.

Slather Your Facial Series On As Soon As You’re Moisturizer Is On
For the same reason you apply moisturizer right away, you should also be applying your facial serums on as soon as you towel off. Your pores are generally more open after a warm shower, which makes them more receptive to pulling in your serums and letting them go to work. In just a few weeks, you should see a great improvement.

Cover The Serum With Facial Cream
Now that you’ve got the serums as a first line of defense, cover them with your regular facial moisturizer. You know the drill. Damp skin pulls it in better than dry skin. So you want to get it rubbed in as soon as possible after a shower. Don’t even open the bathroom door first. The steam in the air will help keep your skin ready for the moisturizer.

Pay Attention To The Skin On Your Scalp
It’s under there, but it doesn’t get as much attention as the skin on the rest of your body. You should be caring for your scalp skin just as well though. Use a leave in conditioner that you comb through your hair. It should soak into your scalp as well, leaving it hydrated. This prevents dry, flaky skin that can look like dandruff.

Treat Any Blemishes You Have Before Getting Dressed
Right after the shower is a prime time to check yourself for blemishes. That includes back or chest acne, pimples on your face or blackheads. You can spot treat them anywhere because they’re easier to see when you aren’t wearing clothes.

 How do you care for your skin post-shower? Will you try any of these ideas? Share in the comments section below!

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but this year is going way too fast for me. Holidays will be here before we know it, crazy right? With summer coming to an end and fall being right around the corner, I’m excited to transition to a cooler season, kids going back to school, discover new fashion and beauty trends, as well as new and returning TV shows.

I would like to share with you some of my favorite shows I’ve been a fan of for some time now. Most which, I’ve been watching from the beginning and couple new ones I’m excited to see. So, let’s take a look at my list!

GREY’S ANATOMY (ABC) | Premiers: Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c  

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Meredith returned to Seattle with her three kids and started adjusting to life after Derek’s death. April told Jackson she wanted to go on another Army rotation, Richard and Catherine got married, and Jo bought a loft apartment for her and Alex. It’s also up in the air who will be named the hospital’s new chief of surgery.

WHAT’S NEXT: After the ultimate “dark and twisty” season, which culminated with Derek’s death and its aftermath, Grey’s is returning to a lighter tone in Season 12, according to executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Meredith, Maggie and Amelia – all single – are living together in Ellis’ house and trying to make a fresh start. Callie and Arizona will also start to dip their toes back into the dating pool. Jason George, who plays Ben, has been promoted to a series regular, and Martin Henderson is joining the cast as a series regular who will likely be a love interest for…someone.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (ABC) | Premiers: Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Frank, not Sam or Rebecca, killed Lila, though Annalise has convinced Wes it was his gal pal. While the students believe Rebecca has run away, she’s actually dead in Annalise’s basement, and ostensibly only Frank and Annalise know about it and both claimed they didn’t kill her. Oliver also tested positive for HIV and Laurel had Michaela’s ring the whole time.

WHAT’S NEXT: You won’t have to wait a whole season (or even half) to find out who offed Rebecca: Her killer will be revealed in the premiere. After that, the show will dive into a new mystery – thought it won’t necessarily be a murder – and explore everyone’s backstories and how people met. “I think the premise of the show for me is that things get more and more complicated, whether or not that means a murder each season, there’s going to be a mystery,” executive producer Peter Nowalk says. There’ll also be some new faces, including recurring guest stars Famke Janssen, who’ll play a brilliant defense attorney, and Kendrick Sampson (The Vampire Diaries), who’ll make his first appearance in the premiere. Is he the person Rebecca texted?

ONCE UPON THE TIME (ABC) | Premiers: Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8/7c
WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Gold finally got freed from the dagger’s hold, but he was left in a coma. Before the darkness could claim Regina, Emma sacrificed herself and was whisked away, leaving only the dagger behind with her name etched on it.

WHAT’S NEXT: Emma’s friends and family, led by Regina, will try to find a way to save her before she becomes the full-on Dark Swan. But this means tracking down the sorcerer Merlin, which brings them to Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. Brave archery lass Merida (Amy Manson) will join the show as well. “This is a mash-up show,” co-creator Edward Kitsis says. “This is the show where the Wicked Witch is sisters with the Evil Queen, and they also know Cruella De Vil. So what a bummer if we had King Arthur and he never got to meet Merida.” King Arthur will also bro it out with Charming, and Robin will try to figure out a way to deal with accidentally impregnating his girlfriend Regina’s wicked half-sister.

SCANDAL (ABC) | Premiers: Thursday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: After Rowan had a busload of jurors killed, David dropped the B613 case, but Olivia got her pops arrested on embezzlement charges. Quinn figured out that Huck was the one who killed the jurors and pointed a gun to his head. Lizzie Bear “accidentally” told Fitz that Rowan blackmailed both newly elected Virginia Senator Mellie into giving him the jurors’ names and Cyrus into blackmailing David to drop the case, so he kicked Mellie out and replaced Cyrus with Liz as his chief of staff. Then POTUS reunited with Liv, while Jake left because “my mission is complete.”

WHAT’S NEXT: Judging by this, Quinn didn’t pull the trigger…yet. Regardless, the show won’t be short on talent. Portia de Rossi and Cornelius Smith Jr., who plays Marcus Walker, are now regulars. Might Marcus be the new Gladiator? Season 5 will pick up shortly after the events of the finale, and Olitz might just last a wee bit longer this time. “What’s exciting is exploring the possibility of really seeing what happens next versus doing the thing I think everyone expects us to do, which is bounce everybody back into the place that they were,” Shonda Rhimes says.

LIMITLESS (CBS) | Premiers: Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 10/9c

You thought the movie was OK, now see the television show based on the OK movie! This thriller stars Greek’s Jake McDorman as a man who takes a drug that gives him access to 100 percent of his brain, meaning he’s gifted physically and intellectually. Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Hill Harper co-star. Bradley Cooper, the star of the original 2011 film and executive producer of the series, will recur and reprise his character.

QUANTICO (ABC) | Premiers: Sunday, Sept. 27 at 10/9c

Let’s just call this one How to Get Away with Terrorism, because this twisty ensemble thriller has a lot in common with ABC’s big hit from last fall. A new incredibly attractive (obvs) class of FBI recruits at Quantico all joined the FBI for different reasons, which will be shown to the audience via flashbacks. But the real interesting part? One of the recruits – we don’t know who – is responsible for the biggest domestic terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Let the twists begin! Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Johanna Braddy and Graham Rogers star.

What show/shows are you excited to return on TV this fall? Is there any new TV shows you want to see? Share in the comments section below!

how you can banish bags under your eyes

I often used to ask myself: “How can I banish bags under my eyes?”. I got tired of waking up some mornings looking like I haven’t slept in weeks. Finally, I decided I’d had enough and that it was time to fix this problem once and for all. I started with a bit of research. Turns out, there are various ways to help to get rid of unwanted baggage and there are different reasons why they occur in the first place. These tips helped me and I hope it will help you as well! So, let’s begin.

Give Your Eyes A Cool Down
Got swollen eyes? Chill them out! A cold compress can ease puffiness. Try chilled spoons, cucumber slices, or tea bags. What you use doesn’t matter – the low temperature does the work.
Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays
You do a lot to protect your body from sunlight. Are you doing the same for your face? Too much sun can make the skin around your eyes sag or wrinkle. Use sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect your face from harmful rays.
Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed
Don’t hit the hay with your eye makeup on. It can make your eyes water, and cause a case of morning-after puffiness. Wash off the gunk with soap and water, or use a remover every night.
Switch Your Sleep Position
Are you a side or stomach sleeper? Gravity causes fluid to collect under your eyes, which might explain those pesky bags. Try to sleep on your back and add an extra pillow under your head.
Consider Eye Cream
Store shelves groan under the weight of creams and lotions made to reduce puffy eyes. Try them out to see if one works for you. Here’s one product to avoid: Don’t use old-fashioned hemorrhoid cream. It can irritate the skin around your eyes. Try a retinol eye cream instead.

Cover Up
Are dark circles problem? You can often hide them with concealer. Choose one that matches your skin tone. Apply it by lightly patting it on – don’t try to rub it in.
Don’t Smoke
Want another reason to kick the habit? Smoking can dry and weaken the skin on your face. Say no to smokes and save yourself from wrinkled, droopy eyes.
Go Easy On Alcohol
A glass of wine is fine, but don’t overdo it. Why? Booze can pull the water out of your skin. Once you weaken the delicate area around your eyes, it’s more likely to sink into a pouch. If you do tie one on, drink water before you go to bed and use a moisturizer around your eyes.
Use A Neti Pod
Try a neti pot. Use this gizmo, which looks like a small teapot, to pour salt water into one nostril and let it drain out the other. It sounds weird, but it might help flush out all that extra moisture in your sinuses from seasonal allergies, colds, or infections.
Manage Your Allergies
Allergy season and watery, puffy eyes go hand-in-hand. Here’s the good news: Those over-the-counter medicines that you take for your allergies, colds, or sinus infections can dry up your puffy eyes – along with your runny nose.
Curb The Salt
Put down that salt shaker! Water will always find its way from parts of your body that are low in sodium to those that have the most. The area around your eyes is a prime example. That’s why a dinner loaded with salt often results in morning-after puffiness.

Do you struggle with bags under your eyes? Do you have any tips you would like to share? Share in the comments section below!

summer tips for glowing skin

The most common problem I see in skin during summertime is dehydration. Even oily skin types, like mine can become dehydrated, since the problem is a lack of water moisture, not oil.

When the summer sun has started to coax out the skin-baring dresses, skirts, and tank tops, finding respite at a nearby body of water becomes the weekend goal.

Dehydration is one of the leading factors in premature aging.

When your skin cells don’t have adequate moisture content, the texture and appearance of your skin suffers. You will notice more fine lines, your face will feel tight, and the skin’s function of providing a barrier is compromised.

When you are outside in the sun all day sweating, you lose valuable hydration. This is then compounded by going inside to cool off in the air conditioning, which strips the moisture right out of your skin, especially if you are driving in the car and the AC is blowing directly onto your face.

Factors that strip your face of necessary moisture:

– Using cleansers and astringents that are too harsh for the skin

– Exfoliating too often

– Using inadequate moisturizers

– Taking hot showers

– Diet

– Certain medications and illnesses


If your skin is looking and feeling dehydrated, or to prevent moisture loss, try these cleansing tips:

Don’t over wash.

With the heat of Summer often brings the desire to get your skin “squeaky” clean in order to feel refreshed. Resist the urge!!!

Harsh chemicals, including sodium lauryl sulfate, break down your skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

Using natural and organic products free of those chemicals will keep your skin happy and hydrated.

Use a gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser with lukewarm water.

Follow with a mild toner that is PH balanced.

When needed, exfoliate gently, either only using a washcloth, or with a mild AHA exfoliant. Avoid harsh scrubs.

Select moisturizers that are creams and contain Natural Moisturizing Factors such as amino acids, glucose and electrolytes. Hyaluronic acid is another go-to ingredient for binding moisture. Stay away from lightweight lotions – they have a high water content, causing further moisture evaporation from the skin.

Apply your sunscreen in the morning, and throughout the day. It should be a priority in your skincare routine!!!

The key objective is to keep your natural hydro-lipid film intact, which is your skin’s natural protective layer. It will help retain the moisture in your skin.


In addition to treating dehydration on the surface with proper cleansing and moisturizing, you need to shift what you eat and simple things in your daily life to have the best looking skin possible.

Drink plenty of water! Water should be at room temperature and consumed in between meals. Your body is better able to absorb water that is not ice cold.

Skip the caffeine and alcohol! They remove water from your body.

Limit your intake of table salt! This leads to further dehydration of the cell moisture, not to mention bloating, which never goes well with your new bikini.

Get your fish oil in! Taking a daily dosage of fish oil will provide numerous health benefits. Some of them being that it will help hold the moisture in your skin cells and it may also help protect against sun damage.

While blow drying your hair, aim it away from your face and reduce the temperature!

Limit direct exposure to air conditioning! This also means that you should not sleep with your AC blasting on you all night. Instead, set timers for your units and alternate with regular fans.

BONUS: Couple of weeks ago, I discovered a great website, called Aloha. They focus on helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle, which I believe is very important. I can’t wait to try some of their products and also try their recipes. They have many to choose from. Let me know what you think!!!

What new habits will you start for your skin this summer? Share in the comments section below!

summertime spa treatments

Every season takes its toll on your skin, hair and body in its own way. In summer it’s the sun, the ocean, pool chlorine and salt laden sea breezes. This means you need to make the appropriate changes to your skincare and hair treatment routine. It also means that there are certain spa treatments that are perfect for summer.

Re-hydration Soak
One of the best summertime spa treatments you can get is a re-hydration soak. The summer sun can sometimes have a really drying effect on the body, and a re-hydration soak is the perfect antidote to toasted skin, providing a long, luxurious soak in a bath of silky coconut milk that will leave you feeling moisturized to the full. And not to mention, the scent that you are left with is absolutely divine!

Hydrating Facial
Makes sense, right? Why would you pamper and re-hydrate your body and not do the same for your face? The skin on your face is even more susceptible to damage from the hot sun, so having a relaxing facial using great natural products like mango and cucumber will give your skin that extra boost that it needs to stay healthy and glowing in the heat of the summertime.

Bikini Wax
It’s not the most enjoyable treatment to have, but summer means swimwear, and the more time you spend wearing a bikini, the more aware you will become of your, ahem, downstairs area! A good quality bikini wax can last for a long time, so getting one before going on vacation is great option to add to your pre-trip schedule.

Summer is definitely the time of the year when your feet are on display the most. With sandals and flip flops being the footwear of choice during the hotter months, why not treat yourself to a nice pedicure and get your feet looking as good as the rest of your body? Pedicures are a really underrated treatment; you’ll be surprised how good you feel afterwards!

Sea Salt Scrub
The dry heat of the summer can sometimes lead to rough and calloused hands and feet, but there is no need to worry. This can easily be remedied by a rejuvenating sea salt scrub. The sea salt scrub works to remove any rough spots and dead skin, leaving smooth, soft hands and feet that you will love to show off in a pair of strappy sandals or flip fops. Not only does it look good but it feels great.

Seaweed Wrap
What better time than the summer to become one with the sea and indulge in a seaweed wrap? Seaweed is absolutely packed full of vitamins and natural antioxidants that work to smooth out any dryness and cracks in your skin that may have been burnt by the sun. It works almost as a natural detox, providing your body with a wonderful glow that is the perfect feeling for spending a day on the beach and making you feel like a brand new person.

Floral Massage
A lesser known treatment but one that is perfect for the summertime, a floral massage incorporates nature’s scents and a warm oil massage that will relieve all the muscle tension in your body and help you to enjoy the summer days even more. With the fragrances of honeysuckle, lavender and jasmine surrounding you, you will feel more at one with the summer than ever before, and for an extra bonus you could try having a floral massage whilst lying on the beach in the fresh sea air.

Try one or try them all. These spa treatments will make your summer so much better.

Which are you going to book first? Share in the comments section below!