How To Protect Your Hair From The Scorching Hot Sun

Do you make the same mistake as many other women when it comes to looking after your hair in the summer? We all remember (at least I hope you do!) to slather on the sunscreen, but do you protect your hair from sun damage? Those UV rays we love so much aren’t good for our hair so it’s good to take steps to keep your hair protected, hydrated and healthy.
Conditioner Can Be Your Hair’s Best Friend 
Comb a restorative conditioner in your hair before you go out in the sun. It is even better to throw your hair into a bun, not only to protect it from harmful UV rays but also to keep your hair hydrated. You can use leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from being damaged by the blazing heat.
Use A Hair Mask Once A Week 
You know how effective a face mask can be to keep your skin hydrated, young, and fresh. You can do the same to protect your hair from harmful sun rays. You can use a high quality hair mask once a week to keep hair hydrated. Apply the mask after a long day in the sun – your hair cuticles will open up due to the heat and be able to absorb the hydrating treatment faster.
Avoid Excessive Shampooing That Strips Your Hair OF Oils 
Your hair produces oil naturally that will dry up in the sun, and more frequent shampoo sessions are only going to make matters worse. It is best to avoid lathering up daily. Use a dry shampoo to avoid grease build up and or a leave in conditioner to keep your hair’s moisture.
There Are Very Effective Styling Products You Can Use 
You can now find some highly effective styling products that help you change your hairstyle effortlessly and protect your hair from the sun as well. Several moisturizing sea salt sprays can create texture without robbing your hair of moisture. Similarly, you can buy a specially designed hair mist that uses sunflower seed oil to keep your hair hydrated while giving you a tousled, carefree look.
Consider The Drastic Measure Of A Shortcut 
The longer your hair is, the more difficult it is to protect it during the summer. The ends of your hair are most likely to take the beating, which may cause issues like dry tips and split ends. A major move would be to have a new style and go short for the season. If you think that’s too drastic, at least consider a trim to remove all the split ends to start the summer with “good” hair.
Add To Your Accessories With Some Cool 
Quite simply the easiest of all ways to protect your hair from the sun is to wear a hat. With so many different styles, you should be able to find some that you love and that suit you. Hats are fun accessories so make them part of your summer wardrobe.
Drink Plenty Of Fluids To Keep Your Body And Hair Hydrated
Okay, so you use a restorative conditioner, apply quality styling products, have trimmed off the split ends and wear a hat. What else, you may ask? It’s all about keeping your hair moisturized and one way to do so is to keep your body hydrated during the summer. Drink plenty of fluids and cooling liquids to make you feel cooler. Also, add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet for healthy hair.

 Summer is fabulous, but it sure does make us work hard to stay beautiful. What do you dislike most about summer beauty? Share in the comments section below!


  1. July 13, 2015 / 2:24 am

    Love the post! very interesting to read!

  2. July 14, 2015 / 11:25 am

    What wonderful ideas. I must admit, I hadn't thought of protecting my hair from the sun's damage.