are you wearing the right foundation

Selecting the right foundation for your unique skin type can be tricky. Often times it’s tempting to simply purchase what’s most popular or what your friend’s use, however there are many factors that you must consider before you choose a foundation! Keep reading for some great tips in selecting the right foundation just for you.

Your Skin Tone
Knowing your skin tone is essential for selecting the right foundation. Your tone can be either warm, cool or neutral. Warm-toned skin types have a darker complexion, dark hair and eyes, and have yellow undertones. Cool-tones are more fair-skinned and may have red or blonde hair with a pink undertone. Neutral skin types are somewhere in the middle and can go either way, perhaps depending on the season.

Your Color
Along with your skin tone, you must consider your coloring. This is one of the hardest parts because it can be difficult to match your skin color with the right foundation! The best place to do this is along your jaw line. The foundation should blend into your skin and leave no visible line between your face and neck. When in doubt, always opt for a slightly darker shade rather than lighter which can cast a ghost-like appearance.

Your Skin Type
Is your skin type oily, dry or combination? Maybe you’re acne prone? Consider what skin type you are before making a foundation purchase. A moisturizing liquid foundation wouldn’t be suited for an oily completion because it could slide right off. A powder or mineral foundation wouldn’t be best for dry skin because it would settle into fine lines and dry patches of skin. Liquid is best for dry to combination skin and mineral or powder foundation looks great with an oily completion!

Your Age
Your age plays a part in what foundation you
use and what finish you should have at the end result. Older skin should not opt for a matte finish because the foundation can settle into fine lines, making them more prominent. A satin or dewy finish will create a youthful glow, while a matte finish looks great on younger skin and has crazy staying power.

The Amount Of Coverage You Desire
The coverage you want from your foundation is key. If you want light coverage, go for a BB cream or a thin foundation with light to build-able coverage. Select medium to full coverage if you want to conceal everything or if you have acne and unevenness.

How You Want Your Skin Feel
You should also consider how you want your skin to feel! If you don’t like the way something feels, you’re bound to not wear it. Sometimes foundation can make your skin feel heavy and cakey, and other times you can’t even tell that you’re wearing makeup. I find that when I first apply foundation it’s rather heavy but it eventually settles into my skin and I can’t tell I’m wearing anything.

The Cost
Lastly, you must go by your budget when deciding on which foundation is right for you. Price ranges are drastic, as is product quality. However, there are plenty of decent drug store foundations worth looking into! If you want to opt for professional quality, it makes the process easier because a makeup artist will be able to evaluate your skin needs and help you select the right foundation.

Hopefully these tips for selecting the right foundation were helpful!

Would you care to add any more advice that you stick to before making this kind of purchase? Share in the comments section below!

how to deal with someone who is always complaining

Do you know someone who is always complaining about their life? Being around someone who is always so negative can be very draining, yet if they’re a relative or co-worker it’s hard to avoid them. So what can you do to stop them bringing you down as well? Here are some ways to deal with someone who’s always complaining.

Remain Detached 
Try to remain detached and not get irate at them, however annoying their behavior is. If you can switch off their complaining, and just hear it as background noise, you’ll be less bothered by it. And don’t get so annoyed that you snap at them, as that will make them think that they’ve got one more thing to complain about!

Don’t Criticize 
Also try not to criticize them and say “you’re always complaining about something!”, which is going to get their back up. It may well be that the majority of their conversation is on negative topics. However, commenting on that fact isn’t likely to stop them and make them think. More subtle ways are needed if you hope to change their behavior.

Change The Focus
Changing the subject is wise, although it probably won’t work if you try to change the subject abruptly. Instead, steer the conversation around to another topic. So if they’re complaining that their kids aren’t doing well at school, comment that you’ve heard they’re doing well at sports or in the school play. Then hopefully they’ll be persuaded to talk about things in a more positive light.

Turn It Around 
You could also try to turn the subject around and encourage them to concentrate on what they need to do to make things better. Things rarely get better of their own accord; we have to take steps to change our situation. This should force them to realize that the answer probably lies in their own hands, and that complaining won’t make any difference.

What Can Help?
Also encourage them to look for solutions. So if they’re complaining that they don’t have enough money for a vacation, talk about how they could find the money. Could they economize on something, have a cheaper vacation, find a bargain trip, or apply for better jobs?

Understand Them 
Try to understand where they’re coming from. Perhaps there is a reason why they’re always negative. If they’ve had a lot of bad experiences they may have learned to always expect the worst. This may not change how they react, but it can make you feel a little more sympathetic and therefore less annoyed at their constant complaints.

Encourage Them 
You could also try to encourage your negative friend to adopt a more positive attitude. This will undoubtedly take time, and a lot of effort. It’s about trying to replace their negative thought patterns with more positive ones. Perhaps you could persuade them to try a positive thinking course (pretend that you’ve done one, and that it helped you a lot!).

The simplest answer to people who are always complaining may seem to give them a wide berth. But it’s not always easy to avoid someone you have to work with or who is part of your family. Do what you can to help them look at the world in a more positive light.

Have you ever been that negative person or know someone who is, and how did you change your way of thinking or help the other person? Share in the comments section below!


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I work in the medical office for dermatology and urology doctors. I’ve been doing it for 7 years. I enjoy my job and people that I work with. Helping other people is another passion of mine. When they come up to me and tell me that their condition improved, makes me very happy.

I love the beach, warm weather, ocean and beautiful sunsets. I dreamed of living in the city that I can enjoy those things everyday and that’s why I moved to Sarasota, Florida. I’m living a dream!

I’m a big cat lover. So far, I have two kitty cats, Blackie and Tommy, both males. I love them both very much and hoping in the future to adopt more!

My favorite food is sushi. I can eat it everyday and never get tired of it.

I’m a coffee lover by day and tea lover by night.

I’m an average woman, living a simple life, loyal friend, love my family, enjoy helping others, christian, hopeless romantic, married to my soulmate, blessed with two girls, likes to cook, dance and sing, always hoping to improve.


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There are some solid reasons to have makeup free days. They’re something that everyone can benefit from on occasion. Whether you wear every available product or you’re more of a just powder and mascara girl, makeup free days are something every girl needs. Let’s talk about 7 benefits of giving your makeup some days off.

1. Your Skin Appreciates The Break 
First and foremost, it’s good for your skin to have occasional makeup free days. As lovely and fun as makeup is, it isn’t completely healthy for your skin. It can actually clog your pores and lead to breakouts. It’s true that there’s a good selection of makeup to choose from that can work well with your skin. But giving your skin the day off every now and then is a good idea.

2. It’s A Good Time For Beauty Treatments 
Giving yourself a makeup free day makes a great time for a facial beauty treatment. You can give yourself a microdermabrasion treatment, wear a mask or treat your skin to the cleansing benefits of a steam bath. It’s all about what you feel your skin needs most. Facial treatments leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful. You can achieve a glow with no makeup required.

3. It’s A Time-Saver 
Some days are very busy and there’s just little time for makeup. It’s okay to go without makeup at those times. At the very least, you should establish a five minute face. This simply means you have a look you can pull together with makeup in less than five minutes when your time is short. You’ll love that you came up with the day is crazy.

4. It’s Relaxing
It’s actually relaxing to have a break from the ritual of makeup. It makes you feel as if your day is a little different. Enjoy the slow pace every once in a while. Maybe it’s a day off work or a day you’re just running errands. You may find that those occasional makeup free days are your favorite days of all.

5. It’s Attention Getting 
Want to catch your crush’s eye? Go without makeup for a day. One of the first things I did when I started dating my husband was let him see me without makeup. While I love makeup and wear it almost daily, I was all about keeping it real. That’s something guys will respect you for, ladies. A guy that’s interested in you will adore you with or without makeup.

6. It Breaks Your Dependence On Makeup 
If you feel like you’re dependent on makeup then it’s time for some occasional days off. It’s important not to be so dependent on your makeup that you can’t run out for a quick errand without it. Don’t let makeup imprison you. Let it be something you wear to celebrate your femininity but don’t be tied to it. Breaking that dependence is powerful.
7. It Gives You An Appreciation For Your Real Beauty 
Having occasional makeup free days gives you an appreciation for your real beauty. Learn to love the real you. I’m talking about the you that’s under the layers of mascara and beautiful lipsticks. It’s great to enjoy yourself and all the beautiful looks you can create with makeup but never forget your authentic beauty. Embrace the freckles or soft lashes you were born with.

These are 7 solid reasons to enjoy makeup free days. What do you love most about makeup free days? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share in the comments section below!


Spring is all about new beginnings, and your makeup routine is no exception! If you’re looking to switch things up this spring with some new makeup looks, this list will give you some great ideas about makeup trends and inspiration that are sweeping the makeup world this spring! Spring is all about color, and these makeup looks will help bring some color into your usual makeup routine and make it a little bit more unusual than what you’re normally used to! I love trying new things out in the spring, so if you’re like me, I’m sure that you’ll love this list of new ideas!

A Bright Manicure 
In the spring, pastel manicures are everywhere you look. Switch things up this spring by going for a bright, bold manicure that you’re used to seeing in those bright summer months. If you want to make a statement, a bright manicure this spring is certain to do that!

Fuchsia Lips 
Bright lips are so in style this season, and even more than that, fuchsia lips will be everywhere this spring. The bright purple and pink hybrid is sure to turn heads no matter what event you’re at this year—whether it’s a concert or a spring wedding this makeup look is certain to be a hit!

Black Liquid Eyeliner 
Black liquid liner is definitely something that some people tend to stay away from. It can be harsh, especially in the spring months that are all about soft pastels. However, this spring, black liquid eyeliner has been all over the runways. There’s no better way to make a statement than with a dark color on one of most prominent features on your face—your eyelids!

Jewel Tones Eye Shadow 
Jewel tones are so often forgotten about during the spring but so beautiful. There’s such a richness and warmth to the tones while adding a ton of color, which is perfect for spring. Jewel tone eye shadow is such a pretty way to add color to your makeup look without going too bright, if that’s not for you!

Lilac-Based Look 
Lilac and lavender are so big this season. Try to find a way to bring the shade into all of your different makeup, from your eye shadow, to your eyeliner, to your lipstick, and maybe even your blush! The cool part about lavender and lilac hues is that it’s a color that’s not too in your face because it’s still lighter.

White Angelic Eye Shadow 
If you’re all about the glitter this spring, try some white sparkly eye shadow. The glitter in the eye shadow will create an almost angelic look, and it’s so different and unique that you’ll have people drooling over your super simple and insanely pretty look!

Nude Nails
Nude nails were all over the runways this season. If you don’t want to go too bright on your nails but you’re also over the pastel nail trend that pops up every spring, try nude nails. They’re different and neutral, but they add a chic touch of polish (literally and figuratively!) to any look you’re going for!

What’s your favorite spring makeup trend? Will you try any of these out? Share in the comments section below!