This Week’s Favorites #3

Nike Hot Pink Sneakers
I needed new kickers, so this weekend I went to Khols and bought me a pair. I absolutely love these shoes! They fit great and are extremely comfortable! The hot pink color is so vibrant and bold, just like I wanted. They really do look much better in person. I typically change the insoles in all of my sneakers and replace them with gel insoles. However, I did not have to do that with these.
Fitbit Zip
My life is 8+ hours at the desk Monday through Friday, so pretty much I don’t get to be physically active at work at all. When I discovered Fitbit a year ago, it changed my life. I lost 35+ lbs. Nothing motivates me better than keeping a little score of myself. It’s so much fun and competing with other Fitbit users is very motivational. Fitbit is a pedometer that is zero-maintenance. That is the single most important feature. It has no buttons and requires nothing from you other than keeping it on yourself. It auto-resets to zero at midnight and constantly syncs data online. It syncs with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone using the low-power Bluetooth 4.0 (by the way a very new, high-tech mode) about every 40 minutes or every time when I fire up the Fitbit app. No charging cable. The CR2025 coin battery for the Zip lasts me several months, that’s basically forever in today’s tech gadget language. These batteries are $2 for a 5 pack on Amazon so cost isn’t an issue. Spring is here and summer is around the corner, so it’s time to get motivated again and get in shape, since I’ve been slacking in the last few months.
Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo And Conditioner
I have dandruff and itchiness, so my hair requires a good shampoo and conditioner that will help me to control it. Head&Shoulders is the best! I only use it once to twice a week for maintenance. The sweet scent of green apple smells delish. Cleans scalp and hair thoroughly. I absolutely love this.
How To Get Away With Murder TV Show
First, let me start by saying I love this show! I’ve been watching it since the beginning. Season 2 just ended last week and I was able to catch up on all the episodes this week On Demand. This TV show is very well written and has me on the edge of my seat for 43 minutes. I have loved every episode so far, and I really like the characters. Plot twists are, according to me, fantastic. And this show has a lot of them. It never fails to surprise. Law is something I have always found fascinating – you get a new case every week and you get to follow Annalise and her students into court while also getting a glimpse into everyone’s personal lives. The characters are alike in many ways, but also very unique. You get to see the relationships between the students, between the adults – and of course, between the students and adults. I have always been a big fan of Shonda, she will continue to do great things.
Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum
I have been using this for over a week now and I’m already seeing some good results! I have really stubborn dark spots, acne scars, brown freckles, you name it…and after just a week of religious use, although still visible, a lot of the spots are starting to fade. I use it daily before bed followed by the moisturizer. I love that this product is very gentle on sensitive skin, absorbs quickly, feels light and is non-greasy (smells really nice too!)
Bath & Body Works Brazil Pineapple Punch Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
This soap very much smells like the “Spiced Pineapple Samba” candle that just came out. It is like pineapple with a hint of “kitchen spices” like brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg thrown in. I love this one and it is different from other pineapple scents. Gorgeous packaging too!
Estee Lauder Lucidity Pressed Powder
I received this powder as a gift from my mom on my birthday. I desperately needed a new powder. I’m very impressed! It goes on silky, and provides a lovely finish with good coverage while still maintaining the luminous quality of my foundation. It almost looks like I’m not wearing makeup at all. It gives me nice quick touch ups all day long. Keeps me looking fresh and clean.

 What are your favorites this week? Share in the comments section below!


  1. April 15, 2015 / 2:02 am

    Thank you Andrea! "How To Get Away With Murder" show is amazing. I'm glad you watching. Can't wait for Season 3.