this week's favorites #2

Lipton Peach Mango White Tea
If you’ve read my last week’s post, then you probably already know that I am a lover of tea. So, every other week I pick out a new flavor to try. This week I’ve tried peach mango flavor, which I love. Just imagine an island getaway with every sip of this delectable taste treat of juicy, ripe mango and peach flavors. Its very fragrant, very peachy, more than the mango which is fine. Its not bitter, not too sweet either.

Lancome Definicils Mascara 
Another great mascara from Lancome. Adds length and volume to my lashes. Looks very natural. Washes off easily with my cleanser at night. Did not irritate my sensitive eyes. It defines all my lashes. Another great quality is that it doesn’t smudge or flake.

Gimme Shelter Movie
Based on a true story, “Gimme Shelter” ultimately is about the work of Kathy DiFiore, who created Christian shelters for pregnant teens who want to keep their babies. Also, a life of a teenager (played by Vanessa Hudgins), who grew up in abusive home, trying to survive and find a meaning to her life. I always wanted to see this movie, so finally looking through Amazon prime trying to find an inspirational movie to watch, I came across this one. My husband and kids also watched it with me. I’m happy to say it was more than I was hoping for in the telling of this true story. Through so much hardship, sadness and pain, the beautiful young lady inside Agnes (Apple) emerges when love, respect and hope are offered to her. The performance by Vanessa was outstanding! What a drastic transformation. The movie drew me right into it! I wanted to reach out and help her! I really like James Earl Jones and I’m glad to see him play the role of the Catholic priest. I am recommending this movie to everyone. It will change your perspective on life, things we don’t see happening around us everyday.

Essie Play Date Nail Polish 
Really liked this color! I bought it together with mint candy apple nail polish. It’s darker than a pastel, more of a light-medium shade of lilac/orchid, and 2 coats makes it opaque. This is a great spring color and once I painted my nails, it lasted for about a week.

Starbucks Tiramisu Frapuccino 
Tiramisu is my favorite desert, so I was very excited when Starbucks came out with Tiramisu blended beverage. It’s coffee blended with creamy mascarpone flavor, milk and ice, topped with a dusting of rich cocoa powder. It’s very rich and most likely high in calories, but it tastes yummy. Who said we can’t enjoy ourselves once in awhile. I sure recommend for all of you Tiramisu lovers to try.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes
I love these wipes. They remove all types of make up easily, and are very gentle to the skin. Will purchase again and again. The scent is not off putting, and they do not make me break out. I did a review on this product, you can read about it here.

Celebrated My 33rd Birthday
I love celebrating my birthdays! It doesn’t matter how old I am and I actually don’t mind getting older. It’s not about the age, but how you feel inside and out and I feel great. I treated myself for a pedicure and a manicure, which I don’t get to indulge myself often. It felt amazing and so relaxing. My husband took me out to dinner. We’ve had a great time and ate delicious food. Later that night, he surprised me with cupcakes. I lovee cupcakes! My co-workers surprised me with a cake and one of the doctors bought us breakfast from Panera Bread, delicious variety of bagels with different kinds of spreads. Since, my family far away, they all wished me happy birthday over social media, phone call or skype. I’ve had a great birthday and can’t wait for next year!

International Delight Vanilla And Caramel Chai Tea Lattes
As much as I like Chai tea, I had to try these new inventions by international delight. These Chai Tea Latte flavors have “fragrant notes of cinnamon, clove & ginger” blended with black tea and vanilla or caramel. I pour it over ice with a splash of half&half and it’s delish!

What are your favorites this week? Share in the comments section below!


Clarisonic’s patented micro-massage motion works within skin’s natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities traditional cleansing methods leave behind. Cleanses 6 times better than with your hands alone in just 60 seconds. Skin is softer, smoother and more beautiful. Prepares skin for better absorption of creams, serums and moisturizers. Gentle enough to use 2 times a day.

A lot of people requested that I write a review about Clarisonic Mia Brush, because I always brag about it on how much it helped my skin. So, I finally decided to do it. I received it as a gift from my mom last year and have been using it daily or every other day for a year now. I absolutely love this product. I have oily, acne prone skin primarily on the cheeks, chin, and forehead that is very sensitive, so I was nervous about trying it as I thought it might be too harsh but it works great. Twice a day is a little too much for me to handle, so I stick with once a day or even every other day at night to take all my makeup off. My skin does feel so soft and clean after washing with it. I’ve noticed the little bumps under my skin seem to be getting smaller/less visable. Also, my breakouts clear up sooooo much quicker. A nasty cystic zit/pimple that would previously take like a week is gone within a day or two. Also, the current redness/scars from old acne are fading away very quick! After a while I noticed my neck and chest areas looked like it would benefit from the Mia as well. I’ve been very happy with the results.

What impresses most about this little machine is the durability. I use it and keep it in the shower and often forget to charge it until its totally dead. I charge in every 2-3 weeks. I personally don’t use Clarisonic’s brand of cleanser, and it’s not because I don’t like it, I just prefer to use my own.

It is important that you wash your brush head at least once weekly with an antibacterial soap so that you’re not spreading bacteria you washed off back onto your face again.
I highly recommend this brush for all skin types, but especially for those who have acne-prone skin. Your face will feel smoother, makeup will look flawless, products will absorb better into your skin and you will feel like your are pampering yourself everyday!

I hope that this review was helpful. If you someone who tried Clarisonic Mia Brush, I would love to know what you think about it. Do you like it or dislike it? If you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to answer. Share in the comments section below!


Naomi Watts In Armani 
Naomi Watts brought out the bling bling again in a beaded Armani Privé gown, with what looks like a bandeau underneath. Radiating head-to-toe glamour, her blonde lob swept her shoulders and her berry lips added a pop of color to her all-over neutral palette.
Reese Witherspoon In Tom Ford
The off-the-shoulder detailing of her dress is so elegant and the black band at the waist added a classic touch to the ensemble. Reese paired her black and white dress with sparkling, diamond cluster stud earrings, a diamond bracelet and her trademark sunny grin– which is always her best accessory! Her makeup was fresh and pretty, with minimal blush and bronzer, soft smoky brown shadow and a pale pink lip stain completed her glam look.
Cate Blanchett In Maison Margiela 
Cate Blanchett made a beautiful return to the Oscars as a presenter in a black Margiela dress by John Galliano. The beautiful turquoise statement necklace really amplifies her look; it’s a simple accessory trick that anyone can use when wearing a LBD. And the actress’ chic updo and soft makeup are absolutely flawless.

Anna Kendrick In Thakooon
Anna Kendrick looked like an absolute princess. She stunned in a custom Thakooon coral silk georgette and chiffon gown, which featured a stunning jeweled halter neckline as well as a peekaboo opening below the bust. Kendrick paired the look with a glamorous updo as well as massive diamond cluster stud earrings – in true fashion she didn’t miss a beat!
Scarlett Johansson In Versace
Scarlett Johansson is known for her famous curves, and for good reason. The new mommy stunned on the red carpet. She wowed in a emerald green curve-hugging V-neck Versace dress and stunning green statement necklace. One thing is for sure, green is definitely her color!

 Who wore it better? Which celebrity you think was the best dressed at Oscars this year? Share in the comments section below!


Aveeno Utra-Calming Foaming Cleanser 
My skin typically sensitive in a winter time, especially now that temperatures dropped in Florida. I’ve been using this product everyday for the past two weeks and I love it! Besides lifting away dirt, oil and makeup, it’s not over drying or aggravating my skin. I did a review on it this week, you can read about it here.
Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish 
The first time I wore this polish, I immediately fell in love with it. It has become one of my top 5 favorites this year. This nail polish is really a beautiful shade. I bought it for around $8 at Ulta. It’s almost a mixture between tiffany blue and mint, which I find to be really flattering on my skin tone. Like all Essie nail polishes the packaging is really cute and I like the brush/applicator. This is really opaque and I can get away with 1 coat, but I normally apply 2 to get the colors full intensity.
Lipton Blackberry Vanilla Herbal Tea
As much as I love drinking coffee every morning, I’m also a lover of drinking hot tea every evening before I go to bed. It relaxing me and I sleep a lot better. This week I’ve been enjoying Lipton Blackberry Vanilla Tea. Yummy! This is seriously like blackberry cobbler in a cup. It is a bit tart but I love fruity/tart teas. It smells amazing and color burgundy/maroon is beautiful.
Dana Buchman Purses
I needed a new purse, so my husband bought me not one, but two on Valentines Day. I love the colors that he picked. One of them is yellow and white, perfect color for upcoming spring season. Other one is multi color. The cool thing is that both purses match colors on my wallet, so no need for a new one.
Christina Perri Album 
I’ve been listening to her songs everyday this week. Her voice is truly unique and haunting, you can feel the emotion in every note she sings. Plus she’s an inspired song writer-beautiful lyrics and melodies you’ll be humming along to all day. My top favorite songs are: “A Thousand Years” from a movie “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, “Human” and “The Lonely”. If you haven’t discovered Christina Perri yet, it’s time.
Diamond Ring 
This is another present from my husband on Valentines Day, a beautiful diamond ring, which I’ve been wearing everyday since he gave it to me. I’m so lucky and so in love!
365 Blog Topic Ideas Book by Dana Fox
I’ve been eyeballing this book since the time I’ve started blogging. So finally, I ordered it on Amazon a week ago. Book is written by Dana Fox, who is also a blogger. You can find her blog here. This book is great for those starting out who want ideas on how to get their feet into the blogging world or for bloggers who are already established who have either hit a creative wall or want to branch out with their writing topics.
Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara
My new favorite mascara. I will buy anything packaged in pink. This mascara looks so cute in pink with flowers in the tube so I had to get it. It’s separates and lengthens my lashes and keeps them soft. My lashes are nice and dark, noticeably longer and my eyes just look very doll-like in general. My bottom lashes look especially lovely with this on and it doesn’t clump at all.
Starbucks Stainless Steel Tumbler
This is probably my fourth purchase of a Starbucks travel cup. The reason why I always go back to Starbucks to buy one, because they are a very good quality and can last you for a very long time. This tumbler’s insulating double wall helps to keep my coffee hot when I’m on the go. A grippy center band makes the tumbler easy to hold, and the twist-on lid features a flip-top that seals tight helps to prevent spills. Very satisfied customer!

 What are your favorites this week? Share in the comments section below!


Though you may only think about your cuticles when you get a manicure, they’re not just hanging out on your hands. They serve a purpose, and they need your TLC. Your cuticles are part of your skin. They sit atop your nails’ growth matrix, which is the part of your nails that grows. Cuticles are there for a reason, like a barrier or a protection for the nail matrix. Here’s some tips on how to keep your cuticles healthy and in tip top shape!

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles 
Dermatologists say there’s no good reason to cut the cuticles. Cutting them could open the door to infection or irritation. If you remove the cuticle, that space is wide open, and anything can get in there. Cutting your cuticles can also lead to nail problems, such as ridges, white spots, or white lines. If you get a bacterial infection in that area, it can hamper that fingernail’s growth. That’s not particularly aesthetic, as well as being uncomfortable.

Go Orange 
When I want to make my nails appear longer, I push my cuticles back gently with a wooden orange stick instead. I don’t cut my cuticles. They’re supposed to be soft, and cutting can make them hard, more likely to fracture. If you cut it, it has an increased tendency to split off. Some people who cut their cuticles regularly are afraid to stop, because they worry that their cuticles will grow and grow, giving their hands an unsightly look. I say this simply won’t happen, and switching from cuticle clippers to an orange stick is a smart move.

Although the cuticles don’t feel like the soft skin on the rest of your hands, they’re composed primarily of skin, so it’s essential to keep them moisturized. Cuticles get dry. They crack, peel, and flake, just like the skin does. A good moisturizer for the cuticles is important, just like for dry skin. Any skin moisturizer will work fine for the cuticles. When you put it on your hands and there’s some left over, rub it into the cuticles. I recommend thick moisturizing products, such as ointments or creams, for the best results. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) as an inexpensive way to care for the cuticles. But some doctors say that using a thick product like petroleum jelly throughout the day isn’t always practical, so there are alternatives to use when you’re active. Ointments are harder to wear during the day, because they’re messy. I use ointment at night when I’m not touching papers in my office. Lotions can be used throughout the day, because the hands don’t get as greasy, but lotions aren’t as moisturizing as creams and ointments. Read my blog post “10 Must-Have Hand Creams” to help you choose one or few that you like and will work great for your hands and cuticles.  A hot wax treatment, which may be offered at the nail salon, is another good way to moisturize the cuticles. Special oily wax is heated until it melts. People dip their hands into the warm, oily wax, then put on plastic gloves and a mitt to seal in the heat, which they wear for 10 to 15 minutes. After you take it off, the hands, nails, and cuticles are softer. It’s a wonderful treatment for nails and cuticles, which I personally like. Whatever method you choose, be sure to moisten your hands regularly. The more frequently you lubricate the hands, including the nails and cuticles, the better they will be.

Avoid Rough Manicurists
Many people see their dermatologist when they develop red, sore spots around their nails or cuticles caused by a skin infection called paronychia. Often, patients come in to me when they went to a new nail salon and had a very aggressive nail technician. Usually, they have an infection from over-vigorous manipulation, which usually manifests as redness and soreness. Antibiotics may be necessary. Before getting your nails done, tell your manicurist that you only want your cuticles pushed back very gently with an orange stick, nothing more. If she pushes the cuticles too vigorously, ask her to stop right away.

Steer Clear Of Drying Agents
The hands, nails, and cuticles can dry out from frequent dish washing and from nail polish remover containing acetone. I recommend wearing gloves for dish duty and using acetone-free nail polish remover. Whether washing clothes or dishes, you really need to wear vinyl gloves. That’s a good time to put the lubricant on. Having the gloves on keeps the oil on the cuticle and nail plate, and it protects them from the drying effects of water.

Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Mouth
This goes without saying. Your mouth is a dirty area, and saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin. You can get an infection if you violate the cuticle. So if you have a habit of biting your nails or nibbling on your cuticles, work on kicking those habits for prettier, healthier hands.


Bonus Tip: I was recommended cuticle oil by Prolana when I went to get my manicure done at the local spa. I love it! I definitely recommend for those with splitting, dry, peeling and weak nails. I mostly use it to help my cuticles to keep them healthy.

I hope this post was helpful! What do you do different to keep your cuticles healthy? Share in the comments section below!