My 2015 New Year Goals


Happy New Year everybody and welcome to 2015! I hope that all of you have thought or maybe even written down your goals for this year. I know that a lot of us go through this every time the New Year comes along. Big question is…what can we do different to succeed this year ? For those, who think setting up goals is nonsense because in the past you know you failed them, I say, don’t get discouraged, each new year given to us is a blessing to start over and try again. So let’s make the best of it!

Eat Healthier 
I don’t like to use word “Diet”. In fact, none of us should be dieting, since it’s a temporally thing. Instead, I’ll start making healthier choices of foods that I eat. Eat breakfast. Very important aspect of my daily routine, even though I’m OK with only having coffee. Limit myself eating out, instead I’ll try to cook more at home. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink more water.

Stay Active 
For me, I wear my Fitbit device everyday and set my daily step goal, which I try to achieve, and when I do, it keeps me motivated. I also downloaded an amazing app called Couch-to-5K, it will prepare me to run 5K marathon and believe me, I’m not a runner. So this app is great for beginners.

Run 5K Marathon
I always wanted to do it, but never went through it. So this year, I committed to make it happen.

Be More Involved With Church/Pray More/Read Bible 
I love serving the Lord! Going to church every Sunday and being surrounded by people who are believers feels extraordinary. But I want to extend myself and be more involved. We only seem to pray when something bad is happening in our lives, when everything is good, God seems to be pushed aside. With that said, I want to pray more throughout the day, speak to God, ask for the right things and thank him for all the good he has done for me. Reading my Bible more often and highlight my favorite scripture. A lot of people today tell you that he/she are christians, but when you ask them what makes them a christian, they surprisingly don’t have an answer. So for me, I’m a christian, because I accept Jesus Christ as my savior.

Be More Financially Stable/Save/Record All My Spendings 
This goes without saying, some of us spend too much money on things we do not need. We buy something we see on TV, stores, online and it sits or hangs in our closet for months without opening it or wearing it. Let’s be wiser this year. My goal is to try to put aside $200 a month in my saving account. Also, when I see something that I like and want to buy it, stop…ask myself, do I need it ? And lastly, I want to try to record all my daily spendings. After each week, I can look at my list and evaluate it.

Buy Professional Camera 
Those who know me, they know how passionate I am about photography.

Move To Bigger Apartments
I’m not quite ready to buy a house yet, but our family needs a bigger space.

New Year’s Eve Gateway 
In the past 7 years I have celebrated New Year’s Eve at home, which is not a bad thing to do, but since kids are older now, I would like to do something different. I haven’t decided on a destination yet, but will keep you updated on that.

Go To A Concert
Since we live close to Tampa Bay area, there so many artists that come through there. I haven’t had a chance to go to a concert since we moved here, but would like to effeminately go to at least one this year.

Idea of blogging came to me few months ago. I enjoy writing about things and places, snap pictures and share it with other people. I also got inspired by some of the bloggers of how incredible talented they are and how amazingly good they are at blogging. It does take a lot of your time to blog, but it’s so much fun! This year, I would like to reach out to a lot of readers with my blog.

 What are your New Year Goals? Share in the comments section below!